What I do!



From Breastmilk Jewellery to Loved Ones Ashes Jewellery and beyond, below you can explore some of the precious additions available

Breastmilk Jewellery

Unique breastmilk jewellery made in the UK to treasure or share, made to last, in a variety of beautiful designs from breastmilk rings to beads and pendants. Create a breastmilk jewellery memento of your precious time with your little one by casting your breastmilk into your choice of setting

Placenta Jewellery

After your placenta is encapsulated why not send us one and we will create some precious placenta jewellery or keeepsakes.

Choose from my wide range of designs and inclusions or lets come up with something new together.

Umbilical Cord Jewellery

I can either cast the full umbilical cord in a piece of precious jewellery or keepsake, or powder it to use in a collection of pieces.

This is bespoke  umbilical cord jewellery so together we can design something to hold your precious memory.

Loved One Ashes Jewellery

Whether you have suffered the loss of a baby born too soon, a relative who has passed away or a cherished pet, you can have their ashes made into beautiful Ashes Jewellery a bead/stone which can be cast into a piece of jewellery or made as a keepsake

Hair Lock Jewellery

To add a little more or as a stand alone item I can include hair locks in whichever piece of jewellery or keepsake you choose.

Take your bespoke piece to another level with this added depth and precious memory.

Fabric Jewellery

From babies first baby grow to a loved ones old scarf I create loving fabric jewellery or keepsakes with a fabric of your choice.

Up-cycle your sample to make your precious memory last a lifetime.

breast milk jewellery

Letter Stamp

Lets get personal. Create your very own secret message, note a key date or pop in your initials.

Stamping allows you to have that extra special personalised jewellery to finish your truly bespoke piece off.

Mermaid Flakes

Whether to add to your breastmilk, loved ones ashes or hair inclusion, these beautiful colour sparkles can add a bit of colour to reflect your mood or birthstone.

These stunning flakes catch the light beautifully drawing adding sparkle

Pearlescent Colours

Pearly colour additions…these can be added to any piece, to add a splash of colour.

Don’t see a colour you like – don’t fear I can mix any shade that best suits your needs