What is your current lead time?

Normally my lead time is 4 weeks from receipt of components. At busy periods however this may change. If a bespoke piece will take longer to create, I will endeavour to keep you informed of any changes.

Christmas orders need to be received by Saturday 2nd November.

How can I be sure that you are using my components?

This is a relationship based mostly on trust. The only way that I could prove this to you totally would be to perform a DNA test on the contents of your piece. From the moment you send me your components they are kept with their labels securely fastened…..I work in batches of orders and your pieces will stay with the labelled components until they are packaged in your pre-prepared box…..I am totally emotionally invested in my business and have never once taken my success for granted….Each clients’ components are marked with your name and address, you are never a number….Each client is an individual and while I am working on your piece I will often think about your story/ your journey/ your lost loved ones. I love creating beautiful pieces and encapsulation memories for my lovely clients. I feel extremely privileged to be invited to create these special pieces. I take my reputation and my integrity very seriously and wouldn’t even dream of doing anything to jeopardize this.

Please contact me at any stage if you have any queries at all. Can I please invite you to read any of my customer reviews, here or @preciousbykerry. I have a 5* rating and customer satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

How will you know my ring size?

We will send you a ring sizer with your collection pack.

Will my breastmilk discolour in the resin pieces?

We have developed our breastmilk preservation technique over the past 4 years and now use 4 different preparation and preservation processes together, ensuring that your breastmilk is safe in our hands and guaranteed not to discolour. I have 4 year old preserved milk that is still the same as the day it was prepared. The Polycraft resin that we use is a top of the range lead free, crystal clear, hard casting resin which has been extensively tested for UV stability. I have worked with the manufacturers to gain total confidence in this product. They have shown a proven track record of pieces withstanding 2 years in Strong UV light with little to no colour change. However, that said, it is a form of plastic and over time and extensive exposure to sunlight, all plastics will yellow to some extent.

I am constantly refining and improving my service as 100% customer satisfaction is imperative and am confident in my processes and procedures. Should you find any undue discolouration in any of your pieces within the first 30 days, please contact us immediately and we will replace them.

How much milk do you need?

We only ask for 12ml of breastmilk and there will be some left over which we will store for 1 year (although I have never thrown any out yet) we can get by with less if necessary. (I have created a piece with 5 drops before)


There will be some milk left over. I will keep this for one year, however I have never had the heart to throw any out! It’s way too precious….. I’m thinking some day I’ll make a massive art installation with it………

I have frozen milk, is this ok?

Frozen milk is perfectly fine for my purposes. It can be non-consumable or even frozen then defrosted then refrozen.

The oldest milk I have used was 14 years old and was totally perfect!

I’m worried that my milk will spoil in transit!

Don’t worry it will be perfectly fine, breastmilk is truly amazing stuff and I receive milk from the USA which is in transit for two weeks which is perfectly fine for my purposes.

How do I get my components to you?

I offer a collection pack and shipping service for the flat rate of £8. You will receive collection containers for your respective components. Simply fill them and pop in the pre-addressed envelope and send back to me.

Clients within the UK will have return postage affixed

International clients must affix the equivalent of a Large Letter First Class stamp.

The £8 covers the first class return shipping and packaging costs.

What is the difference between Glass and Resin beads?

The main differences are durability and appearance.

Glass is produced by melting glass rods in an intense flame, then forming and imbedding the components. The beads are then kiln annealed to increase further the durability. Glass will never discolour and has an infinitely shinier surface. You can infuse breastmilk, placenta, umbilical cord, ashes and powdered teeth in glass. The production costs are higher for glass which results in an average additional cost of £30 on top of any resin piece.

We use one of the most expensive and widely tested poly resin systems on the market. It is non toxic and extremely hard with a super shiny finish. You can infuse breastmilk, placenta, umbilical cord, ashes, powdered teeth in glass, hair, fur, flowers, fabric and most dry substances in resin. My resin has been extensively tested for UV stability, with samples subjected to intense sunlight for two years with minimal discolouration. However, resin is a form of plastic and even with UV stabilisers, contained in this resin, there is no guarantee that some minor discolouration will occur. This is normal with any plastic despite our best intentions. In fact, there is no resin currently available which can claim 100% never to discolour slightly. We recommend that you follow the care instructions to minimise the effects of UV rays on your precious pieces.

In the unlikely event of premature discolouration of your piece (within 30 days) then please contact me immediately so I can replace your piece.


I’m excited about my piece, will you update me on the progress?

Absolutely! Although we are crazy busy all the time, I feel that good communication is imperative. I will send you wee photo updates along the way as well as a detail check photo on completion.

Caring for your jewellery

Our pieces are intended for everyday wear and silver is definitely meant to be worn everyday, which keeps it looking bright. If silver pieces are locked in a box where moisture may be involved, then make sure to include a silica gel pack (keep any you find in new handbags) or a little organza bag of rice!

Should you experience any tarnishing of your 925 silver jewellery, which can occur normally, then simply clean with the polishing cloth that you should have received from us or a little soapy water on a non-abrasive cloth…if you have any further concerns please get in touch.

The resin itself needs a little more thought….
Wherever possible try to not submerge the resin in water for any length of time…this may break down the resin, and dull the surface…
For this reason we advise removing your jewellery before bathing or showering…
Do not subject your piece to any harsh chemicals, such as cleaning products, acetone or alcohol…

Try to avoid any harsh abrasives as these will scratch and dull the surface…. Get in touch if you notice any change in your resin piece and we will always try our best to help…

Glass settings are much more durable and hardy, however they may be scratched with very abrasive materials, sand, grit and exfoliants, so be aware of this.

It is advisable to remove glass jewellery in the shower or while bathing to avoid any settings becoming loose.

With each piece being irreplaceable we always advise that you keep a small amount of whichever component you are sending so that in the unlikely event of a setting working loose, that we have a backup plan…

Any queries whatsoever please get in touch xx

I’ve seen a gorgeous ring, can you copy it for me?

No. Ethically I just couldn’t copy someone else’s idea, however I will try to adapt one of my designs to close to a similar style.

 Do I ‘OWN’ the rights to my bespoke piece?

No. When I design a bespoke piece for you, I keep the prices in line with my other pieces. It still remains my design, with your input. On completion this will then be released to my clients as a community. If I were to charge for a one off bespoke piece with no other versions available, the price would be reflected in this and unaffordable to most. I prefer my jewellery to be accessible to as many people as possible. My collection is very much client led. When I am asked to create a piece, this becomes available as part of the collection.

What does 16mm look like?  

Kerry Miles

Owner & Artist