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I create precious jewellery as keepsakes to remember the special time with our little ones and our lost loved ones. My aim is to create lasting objects, a moment captured forever

I’m Kerry Miles, wife, mother to three, artist, art teacher and founder of ‘Precious by Kerry’.

This all began when Harry, my eldest, and Precious co-founder,  helped me figure out how to preserve breastmilk in resin to create my own rings as a way to celebrate my breastfeeding journey. There was a lot of experimentation but eventually we perfected it and had a beautiful stacking ring made to house it. I have worked with resin over the past 25 years during my studies but I’m always learning and encapsulating the breastmilk was a new challenge with its own rules.

When the piece was complete, I posted it on my local breastfeeding support group and the requests came thick and fast. It all happened very organically and has been an absolute blessing. I am an advocate of lifelong learning and my business grows with every new piece designed for each client. I love learning new skills, developing and the excitement of creating beautifully handcrafted pieces which make my clients happy.

I had arranged to return to work part time, while trying to encourage Daisy (youngest boobie monster) to have expressed milk / solids / anything other than boob. We had no success whatsoever and it seemed that she had a food aversion. I was told to just keep trying every mealtime, which I did but she hated it. This went on for months and I was getting more and more stressed.

By the time it came to return to work I was so wound up and worried about leaving Daisy to get by with nothing all day. Long story short, my return to work was less than a positive experience and I ended up being diagnosed with post natal depression. It felt like my head just exploded and the anxiety attacks that I experienced at this time lasted for many days at a time. I felt so guilty for not being able to fulfil my responsibilities as a teacher, but looking back now, ‘something had to give’ and it couldn’t be my beautiful babies.

From this time Daisy maintained her hunger strike relentlessly, feeding from me constantly, day and night, until October when she developed a nasty case of bronchiolitis which gradually sent her down hill until she was just lying on the sofa. This went on for many weeks until she was finally admitted to hospital at the start of January.

We were in hospital for five weeks in total. At one stage her whole body shut down and she was unresponsive. She was so very sick back then and I don’t think it has ever completely hit me, thank goodness. She turned out to be severely B12 deficient, which came from me being deficient also.


She had so many tests, scans and has just come off the nasal gastric tube feeds, but is making a good recovery and now eats and after much coaxing, drinks out of a cup.

Through this very hard time, I met so many genuine, lovely people through ‘Precious’ who kept me going. We have exchanged stories, cried, laughed, drank tea and put the world to rights.

Each and every client has touched my heart deeply and most certainly helped me through the most stressful time of my life, for which I am immensely grateful. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and that positive outcomes can be hidden in the most negative experiences.


I have the great privilege and honour now of being included and involved in many people’s most personal celebrations and memorials by helping to create breastmilk jewellery, loved ones ashes jewellery, imprinting in silver and now lampworking beads and settings infusing breastmilk and ashes..

I take very seriously the responsibility of encapsulating intensely personal items such as breastmilk, loved ones ashes, lost baby ashes, first hair lock and it gives me great pleasure in making sure each client feels respected and valued, receiving a tailor made precious experience.

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