I just want to reassure you and keep you informed to the best of my ability and will continue to update you as or when anything changes…. As it stands I work in my studio in ISOLATION… With the nature of casting and silversmithing, I wear protective gloves, mask and goggles, smothered with copious amounts of isopropyl as standard. In addition to this I have introduced extra safety measures in line with government advice. Collection packs are sterilised before shipping, all return packs are opened with gloves, sterilised and the closed containers placed in sterile storage for preparation.

My studio is off limits for anyone but me and my procedure of preparing the milk is first to sterilise in a pressure cooker.. Then its dehydrated for at least 5 DAY’S. All other components are sanitized with isopropyl. Post production everything is sanitized before packaging, while wearing protective equipment…

I want to work on if I can, I’m still thankfully really busy and I would be much happier to be able to do something productive at this time even if I was guaranteed a grant to close…. But not at risk to my family or others…

If I do become ill, I will halt all outgoing mail for a quarantine period of 14 days… With the absolute guarantee that everyone will recieve their completed items, or worst case, a full refund.

I dearly love creating lasting memories for people (it keeps me centred) but I’m constantly conflicted in this climate of uncertainty. Many clients have been telling me how extra special it is, at this time, to have something truely positive to look forward to coming through the post…especially now we are in lockdown. So here it is… I am not in any way advertising, I think most people are being cautious with their pennies at the minute and quite rightly so, but when and if you want to discuss an idea or place an order, you can rest assured that your safety and mine will be at the forefront of my mind always. I’m concerned for the postal workers, ethically speaking, am I selfishly resposnsible for adding to the need that they should be exposing themselves and others to risk of infection…. Im not profiteering, i just want to carry on some small sense of normality in abnormal times…. But I would hate to be seen as so… I have read Royal Mail’s statement and they are taking every precautionary measure possible to insure their safety and ours in order to be able to keep some flow around our place.

With all that in mind, I will continue to provide my service, safely and consideratly….should you want me, I’m here xxxx

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