The Glass Revolution

I do consider myself incredibly lucky to be doing what I do for people. I feel I am positively helping people in some small way to mark beautiful times in their lives, by creating beautiful pieces of breastmilk jewellery, infusing ashes into glass …. Capturing and encapsulating the essence of loved ones and preserving memories in a physical way.

 I never want to take this for granted… it makes me feel fulfilled and I feel humble and extremely grateful to be able to do something that I love so much, while being at home with my girls and earning a living….although I have to point out that that I am SO busy that I’m often begging the girls to watch tv so I can get some work done….( Note to self…. Ask someone about healthy work/ life balance)

Whether I’m creating a breastmilk pandora bead or memorial jewellery for pets, or a breastmilk ring, or being hypnotised by the beautiful melting glass, I think about who I’m making it for; their story, I empathise with them and our shared experiences. This is my focus and meditation in a way. This process is beautiful and connects me to the work and my clients, making me feel that I have charged the piece with love and positive energy. What I do is intensely personal, and I take this very seriously. So when I say that my jewellery is made with love, it’s not a phrase I use lightly, it really is ♥️

Sometimes I do have to give myself a reality check and stop moaning among about minute things!!

Essentially I believe that all that we learn in life and all our experiences filter through to form our individual purpose and if we are lucky enough to meet the right people who guide us in some sort of valid direction, then we can feel fulfilled……

Well, I’ve met some messed up people in my life so far who very nearly wore me down….

However, here I am.. with a beautiful family and my lovely (patient) husband and a job where I get to make people happy, or at least a little bit less sad….

Every new client makes me feel so deeply honoured, that they have chosen me to make their memorial jewellery or breastmilk pendant. And it spurs me on to be ever more creative…

I’m always getting told off for coming up with new designs, making the decision process harder for clients….. sorry… I can’t help it!! I think I am fuelled by nervous energy… or coffee!! Maybe both….I blame the clients because everything I do and every new design is client-led… I go by what you want, and new commissions become new lives added….

So this year has brought the glass revolution and wow what a trip… I am unashamedly in love with the process, and over the last few years, it has been a dream, which has now come true…. So now infusing breastmilk, placenta, powdered first teeth in glass and infusing ashes into glass has taken over. I am now making more glass pieces than resin, although both have different qualities and both have benefits…

I am an advocate of lifelong learning, and I’m not finished yet!!!

What will I be up to next….

Watch this space xx

Kerry x