Working from Home through Covid19

So I’m taking it one day at a time. First and foremost I’m a mummy so keeping them entertained, sustained, stimulated and a lot of the time, keeping them from screaming at each other, is full on.
I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of home schooling… My understanding of this would be to learn as the kids want to learn… Through what interests them and led by what they love…. Learning through the world around them…. As a teacher, a parent and a jeweller, I have found that learning how to learn is easy when you are interested… So some may be surprised to know that we will not be following a strict regiment of education and meticulously following the curriculum here at precious HQ….we found a secret beach, and Poppy want to learn to sew and do the splits. Daisy is quite happy in the sand pit…. We are still busy as ever working in the studio too at home so trying to juggle everything is certainly going to be a challenge but I’m feeling a bit more positive about finding ways to make this terrible situation as much of a positive experience for my family as possible… We have set up a YouTube channel so you can follow our adventures….
I’ve lots of current orders, breastmilk, ashes, hair lock and birthstone keepsake jewellery, at different stages of the creation process, at the minute, and its the only thing keeping me centred…. I’m finding everything so completely overwhelming that making beautiful piece for my clients and giving them something to look forward to, coming through the post, is my reason for keeping positive…. I work from home in my studio here. About 60% of my orders are glass settings… Either breastmilk infused in glass or cremation ashes infused in glass… which is so beautiful and therapeutic to create…. So I’m melting lots of glass pieces….
In the studio, as always, I wear gloves and a dust mask as well as eye protection, although its just me in there, no kids allowed…. Hubby is home at the min so he is looking after the girls while I work… I sanitize everything in the collection packs before they go out, again when I get them back and I sanitize everything before shipping out the final piece’s of breastmilk jewellery or loved ones ashes jewellery.
I’m trying to keep my family, friends and the rest of the world safe by staying at home and interacting with as few people as possible, and looking forward fondly to a time when we can celebrate being through the other side and standing together stronger than ever.